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The characters in the stories marked Hetalia and 2P! Hetalia all belong to Hidekaz Himaruya except for the OCs. Their owners are specified in the description.

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Thank you to all of you who voted for the story, all two of you. I was going to wait a little bit for some responses but it's been a week with no votes so I'm just going to call it. And the order of the stories is...

1. Criminal Love
2. Mysterious Dimension 
3. As the Blossom Blooms
4. Madhouse Valley
5. Intergalactic Starlight Diner

I'm going to get started on the story sketch for Criminal Love tonight and I may have the first part done tomorrow. *fingers crossed because my teachers have been giving me a lot of reading assignments lately*


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I like Hetalia for all it's wooden glory. I'm trying to work on original projects but it's not going so well. ^^;

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